VF5 Final Showdown Trailer, Customization Info

The VF crew show off their new moves in the latest trailer.

Sega has just released another trailer for their upcoming upgrade to Virtua Fighter 5. The latest installment, which I assume is also the last for this chapter of the series, is Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Though lacking any new additions to the roster, FS will feature a bunch of new stuff, including new moves and animations for all the existing characters, new gameplay tweaks to the characters’ fighting styles, new looks to the stages and of course, more freedom in customizing the fighters.

In the case of the customization, FS will introduce a new ‘S’ outfit which will basically be a swimsuit or something equally skimpy. Once unlocked, you can use pretty much any combination of items, tops or bottoms from any of the existing costume sets. Of course, you can probably also just keep the S outfit as it is, since a bikini is obviously one of the most practical things to wear in a fight. Anyway, the VF blog posted a peek at one of these S outfits, for none other than VF5’s monkey-style kung-fu girl, Eileen. Eye-catching, to say the least.

The Good News: The girls finally show off more skin with their ‘S’ outfits. The Bad? The guys will probably show off even more.

Still no word on whether Final Showdown will make it on consoles, but I have a good feeling this will come shortly. Perhaps we may hear something to this effect at E3? Cross your fingers… the future of fighting games starts here. Now then, where are my bikini-clad Tekken girls, Namco-Bandai?


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