Tekken 6 Comic Updated!

The Tekken manga’s first several chapters are now in printed form (but only in Japan).

The latest chapter or ‘Battle 9’ of Ultra Jump Egg’s Tekken Comic is now online and ready for reading, continuing the action-packed and often comedic (and surely non-canon) adventures of Asuka Kazama, Lili Rochefort, Leo Kleisen and more during the events prior(?) to the time of the Tekken 6 game. After her father’s company was taken away by the Zaibatsu, a now-impoverished Lili persuades Asuka and Leo to accompany her to confront Jin Kazama. They arrive at a devastated Zaibatsu headquarters, which has just been invaded by Kazuya Mishima. As they head deeper into the building, the three are soon separated, each one facing off with a formidable opponent…

Okay, as much as I love this manga for it’s till-now pleasing blend of both comedy and action, this particular chapter I found wanting. Perhaps I was just hyped a bit too much by the cliffhangers of last episode, which set up no less than three promising fights.

Unfortunately all of them have been resolved in this issue, and of the three, Two were only Half-Battles while one was a Non-Battle.
Asuka vs Eddy Gordo is easily the best since it was an actual fight, with Asuka having to find an opening in her kick-happy opponent. However, once she got a couple of blows in, it was over! I guess Eddy’s life bar was set to 10 percent. Next, Leo vs Panda wasn’t a fight at all, with Xiaoyu coming along and putting a stop to what could have been Androgynous Annihilation.
Lastly and most disappointingly, Lili vs Nina actually had a promising start with Nina actually getting the drop on her target. Lili managed to power out of the trap, leading to some pretty cool and limber moves. What could have been an awesome blonde battle was cut short though by Panda, with Nina being unceremoniously and quickly dispatched (poor Nina…). What a wasted opportunity for an epic babe battle.

Anyway, if it seems like Jin’s Tekken Force is turning out to be a paper tiger, the boss himself isn’t faring any better, as we find him bloodied and beaten by Devil (though that was kinda expected). Kaz gets ready to deal the final blow as Asuka and the rest race up to confront the two bosses…

So where is this headed? Will we see a finale in one or more issues? Will the manga end or continue? Will it go beyond or into the game story? Hopefully there’s more Tekken Comic to come, as there still doesn’t seem to be any sign of a fighting sequel yet anywhere. Till next month then, I guess.


2 Responses to “Tekken 6 Comic Updated!”

  1. Hey guys where can i read the chapter Battle 2-10?
    Many thanks (:

  2. Spoiler manga…

    […]Tekken 6 Comic Updated! « The Lone Gamer[…]…

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