Red Seeds Profile

The Rain Killer awaits.

My copy of Red Seeds Profile for the PS3 is on the way. I finally caved in and bought one after I saw the availability go up from 1-3 days to 24 hours over at Play-Asia. Most probably won’t know this game as it’s more commonly known as Deadly Premonition, as made a bit popular over at Giant Bomb’s long-running Endurance Run series. The game has so far been turning heads for it’s highly-polarizing aspects. Some see it as an outdated, clunky survival-horror title, while other see it as a so-bad-it’s-freaking-brilliant mystery-thriller with Twin Peaks flavor.

Well, I seem to be of the latter type… after watching hours and hours of gameplay over at GB, I inexorably found myself enamored with this game. The open world setting, the tons of things to do, the wealth of characters and the quirky and engaging story… I want to play it myself. Really weird, but what can I say? I’ve had my fill of games with a similar theme and cutting-edge HD visuals that have strangely not managed to hold my attention much (I’m looking at you, Heavy Rain). Let’s see the other side of the spectrum with a different style of gameplay and storytelling altogether. My game should arrive by tomorrow, just in time for a trip to Greenvale over the weekend.

Red Seeds Profile AKA Deadly Premonition is an open world/survival-horror/mystery thriller game that puts you in the shoes of FBI Agent Francis ‘York’ Morgan, an eccentric and paranormally-aware investigator who finds himself in the idyllic yet mysterious (aren’t they all) town of Greenvale, taking on the murder of a young woman. Secrets abound in the seemingly peaceful setting, concealing a vicious killer and a supernatural horror that comes forth whenever the rain falls (what IS it with psychos and the rain?).


2 Responses to “Red Seeds Profile”

  1. TylDurden Says:

    I’m a member of a third group who thinks this game is the closest thing to perfection that a video game has ever achieved. It’s more than a game, but less than a god.

  2. Shaun Mitchell Says:

    This game is amazingly good! I got the PS3 Red seeds profile (JP) version also and while there are parts that I would have liked to have seen in english it didn’t detract from any of the important parts. More people need to play this game!

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