Spoiler-filled SSFIV Juri Anime Review


I finally got to watch the special Xbox360 exclusive Juri Anime OVA. I got an Asian Collector’s Edition of Super Streetfighter IV, and included therein (along with an OST and a thoroughly useless art book) was a download code for the GONZO-produced short film starring SF’s new femme fatale. This bonus is available only with the Japanese and Asian Collector Editions of the game, and not with the US games, which makes it a bit rare, and pretty non-existent anywhere online. Well, I got to watch it finally and here are some Spoiler-Heavy Thoughts.

The OAV is set just prior to the actual SSFIV Tournament. Seth has gotten himself a new hatchetwoman to replace Crimson Viper from the previous game- Korean Taekwondo fighter Juri Han, who is empowered by her possession of an artificial eye and ‘Feng Shuei Engine’, which makes her seemingly unstoppable. The vid opens with her emerging from the S.I.N. lab with her new eye and raring to ‘go kill something’. She then heads to an amusement park, hunting down some former S.I.N. personnel. The heavily-armed thugs don’t stand a chance- Juri’s skills let her kick RPGs out of the air! I guess she learned a bit of stuff from Lars over in Tekken 6.
Though Juri is basically killing off other bad guys as well, she is clearly no goody-two shoes; she doesn’t care at all that there are hostages or innocent civilians around as she uses her Feng Shuei powers to lay waste to everything around her. If there is still any bit of goodness still in Juri, it’s buried very deep.

Enter the Interpol team of Guile, Chun-li and Cammy, who arrive just in time to see the park go up in purple flame. They storm in and split up, with Chunners being the one to encounter Juri right away. There’s a pretty one-sided fight where Juri beats Chun-li pretty much to near death… yeah, you’ve seen it in the trailer. Before she can squash Chun’s head in for good, her eye malfunctions plus the cavalry arrives, so Miss Han makes a quick exit.

Later, some info from a mysterious source reaches the good guys on Juri’s whereabouts, so while Chun-li is confined to the hospital (playing Puzzle Fighter), Guile and Cammy set off in pursuit. We find out that Juri’s on a mission to capture the Shadaloo Dolls (Bison’s ‘Elite Guard’) at a secluded lab. There’s a bit of action between Juri and some dolls (notably one who may be T-Hawk’s sister), but for the most part it’s all pretty one-sided, so the dolls end up neatly wrapped up in tubes for extraction.

What’s the matter, soldier boy? Can’t beat a girl?

Cammy and Guile arrive. As Cammy attends to an unconscious Juni and Juli, Guile fights Juri. While he’s not as total a pushover like Chun-li was, Guile’s clearly not doing much harm to the Korean Whirlwind. When Juri mockingly mentions Chun-li and asks if she died, Guile gets enraged and unleashes what appears to be a super-combo on her ass. It doesn’t really do much though but piss her off, getting her to give him the same attack she did on Chun. Even though she starts off several yards away and Cammy gives him a pretty clear warning, Guile just stands there and seemingly lets Juri hit him with her super attack… that freakin’ Guile is just too macho for his own good. Anyway, Guile’s not hurt as much as Chun-li was but he’s still effectively out of the fight.

Cammy’s left alone to leap onto the escaping S.I.N. craft, where she and Juri have another short fight which is once again pretty one-sided, even if Cammy gets to do some cool attacks (at one point she looked like she was going for her Ultra). Juri ends up shoving the unconscious Juni off the plane, taking Cammy along with her. Luckily, a nearby mountaintop and lots of snow broke their fall, so the worst injury Cammy got was just to her pride. Juri flies off and is congratulated by Seth. The OAV ends with Juri licking her chops in anticipation of the bloodshed to come when S.I.N and Shadaloo clash in the very near future. Credits roll.

The anime is, contrary to some reports, a decent 35+ minutes in length, including the end credits. The character designs are good and stylized, though the animation quality, particularly for the action bits, isn’t as good as I would have liked. All in all though it’s still a notch better than the SFIV anime, Ties That Bind. The version I watched was in english, and as such features quite excellent voice acting. Again, contrary to some rumors, Juri’s voice actress is Jessica Strauss and not Grey Delisle, even if Juri kinda sounds like Princess Azula.

The Juri anime didn’t exceed my expectations of what I saw in the trailer, in so that it does it’s job of introducing the new bad girl of SF, hyping her up as a pretty nasty and powerful villain. Perhaps too well though… Juri comes off as pretty invincible, which she really isn’t in the actual game. Her personality though is spot on at least… the bitch is psycho.

Unlike Ties that Bind, the SSFIV OAV is pretty short and mostly sets up the story in the game (sheds some light on Chun and Cammy’s story bits, I guess). Sadly we don’t see Juri ever getting any comeuppance for her actions… perhaps in the next game and bundled anime? We’ll see. Overall it’s a nice bonus and hardcore SF fans will probably do all they can to watch it. Is it worth importing an Asian version collector’s edition? Probably not unless you’re a big Juri fan or an SF completist. Since I kinda qualify as both, then I think I spent my money well to get this little bonus anime.


10 Responses to “Spoiler-filled SSFIV Juri Anime Review”

  1. How in the world did you get to watch this in English if it’s supposedly never to be released in the US?

  2. The Asian-release of the SSFIV Collector’s Edition gives the english version of the anime.

  3. Rip it and upload it! ^___^

  4. SethSteiner Says:

    How did you managed to download the anime? I tryed my German, US and Japanese Account but no one worked and it seems that many people share my problem.

  5. SethSteiner Says:

    So if a japanese don`t work, is every other the answer, like HongKong or Korea? Which one did you used?

    • As I said, an Asian account is needed- Hongkong, Singapore, etc. Just create a new account if you’re in an Asian territory, and use that. Download from the Asian marketplace, not from the US or Japanese one.

  6. SethSteiner Says:

    Okay, I will do so. Thank you very much.^^

  7. There is already a version with japanese voices floating around. Can someone upload a version with english voices?

  8. […] Juri OAV, as action-packed as it was in it’s brief half-hour length, really left a LOT to be desired […]

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