More VF5: Final Showdown Details?

Versus City just posted some info on the upcoming VF upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The information is from what seems to be a leaked pamphlet online. Anyway, VF5FS’s features include a ‘dramatic’ change and refinement to the game’s base fighting system, New Costumes (and no restrictions in composing your outfit), Graphical improvements to the UI and stages, more specialization of various characters to their forte (for example, Akira’s strength will be in crushing single blows), a Revamped Single Player mode and easier-to-earn New Items.

For all the info, check out VC’s original post here. Sounds really cool, for an upgrade- here’s to a console release announcement coming as well in the near future. No release date yet for VF5FS, but playtesting is expected to start very soon.


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