Live by the iGun, Die by the iGun

One of my favorite apps on my iPhone is probably one of the silliest, really- it’s called iGun Pro, a ‘gun’ app which basically lets you play soldier with various models of guns to shoot off into the air, from handguns to submachine guns to assault rifles. Of the many gun apps, I saw this as the best for simple value- at 99 cents, it’s paid off for me after more than a year, with many updates giving gun after gun after gun to have fun with. I love the sound of most of the guns, with the heavy WW2 belt-fed machine gun being a hoot to use while watching episodes of The Pacific.

Sadly though, I think I have to give up on iGun. Some time ago, after using the app, my iPhone (a 32 GB 3GS with updated firmware) suddenly crashed. It went abruptly to the apple logo screen, as if it was restarting… but minutes passed and it stayed there. Doing a hard reset (pressing down on Sleep and Home buttons) did nothing. Finally I did the reset thing while connecting to my desktop and iTunes, and finally the iPhone was detected and restoration could begin. After some time, my phone was back and I breathed a sigh of relief. What had happened? Maybe it was some fluke, freak of fate. I tried to forget about it.

But alas, just this past day, once again- after using iGun and squeezing off some rounds from the newly-added ACR, I quit the app and then- DEATH. Once again my iPhone crashed and would not get up. I spent the day phoneless and hapless. Once I got home, I tried a restore, and to my dismay my last back-up for my iPhone was several weeks old. This time, I didn’t get off scott-free. Yes, my vids and pics were easy to re-sync… however I lost TONS from my apps and games. My save file for Alive-4-Ever Returns, which had all four characters at high levels with most weapons, equipment and skills unlocked, was GONE. My pet goldfish in iAquarium, had starved and died (imagine the horror on my face as I opened the app to see my two hard-earned fish floating upwards lifeless). Galaxies conquered and explored in Warpgate, zombie hordes slain in Twin Blades, all stages unlocked and beaten in Monster Mayhem… all gone, all down the drain.

Really, even if I try to look at the bright side (I can replay A4ER again… I love it anyway), this just pissed me off. What the Hell? Why did this happen? Am I the only one? Why so?

Anyway, unless I find the answer I guess all I can do is uninstall iGun Pro sadly and just go with another gun app to get my gunpowder fixes. No way will I risk another catastrophic crash. It’s freakin’ annoying and should not happen to a legit, fully-paid and invested device. On the other hand, maybe it’s the universe telling me to lay off guns and perhaps invest in something like iOlive Branch or iHugs. BAH.


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