Keeping Hope Alive for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

State of the art brawling and hot bikinis. Yes, we WANT VF5FS.

Some time ago, a petition asking Sega of Japan to bring Virtua Fighter 5R to consoles outside of Japan was started by fight fans over at VFDC. A whole lot of fight fans, and not just VF enthusiasts, chimed in to let Sega’s big bosses know that there are gamers outside of their country who are starved for the latest and greatest Virtua Fighter sequels and willing to go some lengths to play it. Till now, Sega has inexplicably left their flagship fighter seemingly rudderless for the international market, with VF5R just available in Japanese arcades.

When Sega announced the latest and last VF5 upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, of course the petition changed gears to ask for THIS instead. In any case, apparently the voices of gaijin gamers has reached some ears within Sega. According to the VFDC forums, the latest posts over at the official Sega VF5 blog/webpage mention that the appeals have reached the game makers of VF, and are supposedly ‘moved’ by the interest in their game.

One statement, from a designer named Igami, says, “I will try my best in making a game that can fulfil the expectations of VF players both domestic and international”.

Does this bode well for a console release of VF5FS? Perhaps. In any case, if FS indeed is the last itineration of VF5, a console release of this upgrade, with new moves, techniques, tactics and tons of new customizations, would be logical. And potentially lucrative, giving that the fighting genre has recently had a resurgence, yet is not by any means bursting with much competition. SSFIV has released, with only MvC3 coming- no Tekken or Soulcalibur sequel has yet been announced. VF5FS may have some time all to itself, if Sega moves fast enough.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep hoping people. We could all be Virtua Fighting again in the near future. More as I get it.


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