‘Streetfighter Legacy’ shows How It’s Done

Filmmaker Joey Asnah shows his love for Streetfighter.

And here it is! Streetfighter Legacy by Streetlight Films is a short film by actor/filmmaker and bigtime SF fan Joey Asnah, borne out of his desire to do the franchise justice after some disastrous attempts by movie studios to translate Capcom’s flagship fighter to cinematic life. The film stars Jon Foo (the live-action Tekken’s Jin Kazama, natch!) as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken.

The 3+ minute short is more vignette than anything else- mostly just a short set-up then a lovingly choreographed fight sequence that is, pretty much, how the game would look with real, live people. This is as loyal as it gets, people- no crummy redesigns or cutbacks on the outfits, no need to downgrade the Hadoken from a projectile to a silly palm strike. There’s flashy special effects, flying spin kicks, gorgeously-shot settings and a couple of actors who take on their roles like a new skin. If you love Streetfighter, you’ll appreciate this awesome fan work.

Here’s to Mr. Asnah taking over reins on any future SF movie- I can’t wait to see how the other World Warriors materialize into life through a filmmaker with loyalty and respect to the title as it requires. Great stuff!

Fight Choreography Featurette

Costume Design Featurette


One Response to “‘Streetfighter Legacy’ shows How It’s Done”

  1. i wish Tekken would look as good as that, unfortunately it’s gonna be another DOA-like disaster

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