SSFIV Out Early, Lotsa Guys Playing It NOW


With just about a week to go before the game’s release at the end of the month, Super Streetfighter IV has apparently leaked out in various ways to some lucky gamers. Chalk this up again to pirates or trigger-happy shop owners. Of course, those of us counting on the regular, retail versions have to aggravate a bit more as others play the heck out of the game already.

On the bright side, this means we can probably expect a flood of gameplay vids to appear online. While the story in SSFIV probably isn’t as hyped up as Tekken 6’s in comparison, but I do want to see the various Rival Cutscenes and anime endings for the game- I’ll probably shy away from any posts of that sort (or at least, I’ll try).

Hey, Capcom… RELEASE THE DAMN GAME ALREADY. The more impatient ones will spring for the cheap pirate copies the longer you tarry. Bah.


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