Latest Tekken 6 Comic Update!

UltraJumpEgg’s Tekken 6 Chronicle heats up!

Even though Tekken 6 for consoles came out months ago, Katsuhiro Harada did mention that there will be continued support for the game post-launch. Well, aside from the patch that added online multiplayer support for the game’s Scenario Campaign mode, there hasn’t been much… although I’m still hoping for summer outfit packs. Then again, there’s still the so far quite consistent monthly release of Ultra Jump Egg’s Tekken 6 manga. The latest chapter has just been posted online, making it 8 ‘Battles’ so far.

Some may not like the manga’s somewhat light-hearted and generally comical approach, but I personally love it. Though the sight gags and SD characters appear quite frequently, the story knows when to ratchet it up serious when there’s action or a dramatic moment. The art, while a bit on the simpler side, doesn’t lack when it comes to portraying action, and nicely enough there isn’t a shortage of smackdowns in every issue. It also helps for me that the comic mainly centers on long-suffering heroine Asuka Kazama who finds herself saddled with rival-turned-friend/bedfellow Lili Rochefort, as both are my fave characters in the game. Heheh.

Anyway, so far the story has not only taken Asuka and Lili’s adventures in focus but also spotlighted Miguel and Bob, Zafina, Alisa and Lars. Heavies Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima have appeared in past episodes on the sidelines, but have, as of this issue, finally moved into a direct battle. In fact, there looks to be tons of action for the next few issues as no less than four major fights have been set up.

The comic doesn’t seem to be following the actual in-game series of events strictly- from what I can tell it’s more of a different take on the Tekken 6 storyline rather than a canonical chronicle of the actual in-game plot. It’s still a nice distraction and something for Tekken fans to look forward to every week.

Not sure how long the comic’s intended to run, but I think that it may probably be one of Namco-Bandai’s ways of keeping fans into the game’s characters and plot as we all await the next installment of the actual game. I just hope we don’t wait too long for the inevitable Tekken 7…


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  1. Where do you read new comic scan at?

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