Prepping for the Predators Movie…

Robert Rodriguez takes the helm for the latest Man Vs Alien flick.

I loved the first Predator movie. I mean, who doesn’t? Arnold Schwarzenegger versus The Alien was a solid action flick, pitting the best human warrior against the deadliest hunter so far seen in cinema at the time. The flick was down to business from the start, introducing main man Dutch and his band of elite commandos then hustling them off quickly to kick righteous ass. Then afterwards, HELL really broke loose. Eventually it was just down to The Man himself versus the invader, and it was a ride to the final second.

Predator 2 wasn’t as well-received, thanks to the absence of Ah-nuld’s muscle, supposedly. But to be honest, I kinda enjoyed the over-the-top violence and comically crime-ridden setting of P2, and I thought Danny Glover’s veteran cop wasn’t that big of a stretch to take on the Hunter. Since then though, the franchise has suffered from bad alliances with the Alien brand- just horrible, horrible movies that were more horror and gross-out on one side, boring and dragging on the other. Now, we’re approaching a third Predator film, Predators– a proper sequel that disregards P2 and looks to revitalize the Deadliest Game at the helm of director Robert Rodriguez.

The premise is interesting- a bunch of humans is snatched from Earth and brought to a lush jungle/forest world that is apparently the Predators’ private game reserve. The hapless humans though, as usual, aren’t ordinary, everyday Joes… they’re stone-cold killers themselves, from special forces troops to death squad members to a Yakuza ninja/hitman. Oh, and there’s one guy, Edwin (played by Topher Grace), who looks like a fish-out-of-water geek but may actually turn out to be the most dangerous homo sapien of the bunch. In other words- these humans are predators themselves, and the aliens just may find they’ve bitten off more than even their prodigious jaws can chew.

At least, that’s what I hope to see. I think that something that all these films have so far lacked in is where they always make the movie feel too one-sided for the most part. I think that the Predator series is more than just about Jason Voorhees or Freddy Kruger from space, right? Hunters are supposed to be deadly but they’re not invincible. More often than not, the prey can be equally or even more deadly, and certainly far more desperate. This is what I wanna see in Predators- a real battle of wills between hunter and hunted. I don’t expect the humans to score every time right off, but I don’t wanna see them dropping like flies without a fight either.

Perhaps after the initial shock, the really tough members of the cast will start to find their foothold, bite into that aspect of their character that got them stranded on the planet in the first place- and just take the fight back to the Predators. Like the aforementioned Yakuza guy. I don’t want to see him mouth off proverbs or meditate for an hour or look menacing or do sword katas then cut to his severed head being carried off without even a single whimper (that scene from Predator 2 was damn stupid).

I wanna see this guy disappear into the shadows, set traps, engage a predator in a claw-vs-katana fight. I wanna see him distract a hunter by cutting off an arm then coming back to take a leg off the enemy. Yeah, he’ll probably die, but I wanna see him be worth the premise of having a ninja take on a Predator. Let’s see it!

Who knows what Director Rodriguez will do, but I have hopes that what I have said is at least approaching what the final film will be. I wanna see bloody good action, not tiresome gory horror schlock. Let’s see kills, let’s have suspense, but let’s see stuff that will thrill us for all the right reasons, and have this be the Predator movie we’ve always been wanting to see.

Anyway so far, Predators looks pretty cool. The cast looks bad-ass, there are new Predators and creatures on feature (the premise also has two factions of the aliens actually clashing against each other aside from the humans). So this should be a ride. We’ll just have to see, when the trap is sprung this July.


One Response to “Prepping for the Predators Movie…”

  1. No way! Didn’t know they were making Pred 3. And it actually looks good. That was a nice surprise. 🙂

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