MORE Alive 4 Ever than EVER!

Chunkier and bloodier shooter RPG-action on iPhone.

The first Alive-4-Ever is one of my favorite games on the iPhone. It’s a top-view, dual-stick run-and-gun title, with you taking the role of a zombie-fighter struggling to accomplish various missions against ravening hordes of undead. What set A4E against other shooters of this type were the high production values, the RPG elements (you could upgrade skills/properties of your chosen character, buy new weapons and equipment, etc). A multitude of gore-filled missions made this as heavy with replay value as it was with monstrous enemies. Well, the sequel, Alive-4-Ever Returns looks to go a lot further with both graphical and gameplay upgrades. The new features include distinct character models for each of the playable characters, the ability to zoom in or out with the top-view camera, tons of new zombie types, skills and abilities, weapons and more.

No word yet on when A4ER is unleashed on the appstore, but this looks to be an instant buy. I guess I should pass the time by finishing the rest of the missions in the original. More as I get it then.


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