Cammy to Cannon-Spike onto iPhone!

FINALLY, one more babe in Capcom’s portable fighter.

ALL RIGHT! As predicted by many astute gamers, Streetfighter IV for the iPhone IS open for additional characters. The first additional SF fighter will be none other than the petite British Butt-Kicker, Cammy. The Killer Bee will be added to the game via a free update, though Capcom has yet to announce an exact release date for the patch. Since it’s debut on the appstore, SFIV has consistently been a top-seller, making it quite the knockout in the portable gaming scene. Nicely enough, Capcom is dolling up their game with more content.

This is great news! Now, I’m pretty sure that Cammy won’t be the last add-on for SFIV iPhone… I’m hoping that once the console version of Super Streetfighter IV releases, the iPhone devs will release more characters to properly upgrade SFIV iPhone game to Super. Hot, evil TKD babe Juri in my pocket? Ibuki, maybe? Makoto, Please? Oh, the possibilities! More on this as I get it.

For more Cammy screens and a vid of the Delta Red babe in action on the iPhone, check here.


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