Streetfighter II Turbo #12: The End of an Era

The Streetfighter 2 saga ends, care of UDON.

This month marked the release of the final issue to Udon Comics’ telling of the Streetfighter 2 storyline. In a series that has been running for the past several years, starting from the first Udon Streetfighter series to Streetfighter 2 and then finally, Turbo, the long and convoluted adventure of the original World Warriors has finally and definitively been told. As far as I know, Udon’s work IS supported and sanctioned by Capcom, and should be, by all rights, canon (or not, whatever). I hope this leads to both Udon AND Capcom to pushing forward the franchise’s characters and story to unexplored and more exciting arcs and directions.

Of all the big fighting games, Capcom’s SF has always been the one that couldn’t seem to let go of it’s past. If Tekken, Soulcalibur, KOF, VF and even DOA could do it, why not SF? It’s high time we left all the baggage of revenge (Ryu, Chun-li, Guile, etc) behind, so wounds can finally heal and everyone move forward.

As we have seen in the sequel games, we won’t be saying goodbye to the original SF crew beyond SF2. However, I truly hope this means we can go to new chapters. Let’s stop reliving endlessly the pain of a slain master, father or comrade. Surely the heroes of Capcom’s flagship fighter have more to them than that. How empty would their lives be otherwise.

This will hopefully mean the Streetfighter III comic and beyond to come in the near future. SFIV has already seen release last year, so perhaps afterwards will come a comic version of Super Streetfighter IV. From there, where will the road lead?

Surely somewhere out there Streetfighter V, with new fighters, new villains, new heroes and new stories to discover with the strength and skill of our fists. And surely as well, a cool comic telling of the tale will inevitably follow.


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