So, What about that Tekken Movie?

Good or Bad, I gotta see it.

Okay, does anyone know about the live-action Tekken film? Y’now… the one with Jon Foo as Jin Kazama, Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Heihachi and so forth? The movie was released in Japan last March 20, so it’s been a while and probably SOME people there have seen it. But as yet… nothing. The movie’s gonna be released direct-to-dvd in Europe this September, perhaps then at least we’ll see something on torrents (heh). But as yet… I guess it either really sucked or no one bothered to see it, or anyone who saw it didn’t think it worth talking about. Odd as heck.

Anyway, I don’t really expect it to be groundbreaking, but at the very least I think it has to be better than the last fighting game movie- Streetfighter: Legend of Chun-li. I guess all we can do is keep our eyes peeled till September.


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