10 Things About Clash of the Titans (AKA My Big Fat Greek CG Flick)

Sam Worthington’s space marine goes to ancient Greece.

Got to watch the new, hot-off-the-griddle-pan remake of Clash of the Titans over the weekend. Now, I actually had a lot going for this flick simply on the strength of the freakin’ awesome trailer. Silly me- I should have known from Cliffhanger years and years ago that mighty fine trailers don’t always mean mighty fine movie. So anyway, how did the 2010 Greek Mythical Adventure fare without Harry Hamlin?

1. Sam Worthington’s Perseus has got to be the most quietly-angry-and-gruff-but-soft-spoken-sounding Greek hero ever.

2. Pacing is a bit hit and miss. The film doesn’t have a shortage of action, but when there isn’t anything violent or magical happening onscreen, things seem to slow down to a crawl it’s irritating for some reason.

3. Ralph Feinne’s Hades looks and sounds like Saruman and Voldemort’s love child.

4. The biggest and best fight of the flick has to be the Giant Scorpion battle. Wild, nasty and balls-to-the-wall ugly.

5. Funny how we start off with a small troop of elite warriors from Argos accompanying Perseus on his quest, and every single skirmish that happens from start to finish shears off a few men every time. No time to mourn, or get to know the grunts sadly, till only the last minute.

6. I have to agree with most sentiment online- while the new CG Medusa is impressive to look at (and quite hot, though her snake body irks me), the classic Medusa in the original film with her more deliberate, methodical assault was scarier.

7. Vincent Regan yet again appears in a role with a beard and sandals, but this time he’s promoted from just Captain to King.

8. Calibos in the original film looked freakier.

9. Darn, Zeus’ gift sword looked damn cool. I wish he used it more…

10. What happened to ‘My father was a fisherman…’ at the end? I kinda missed how Perseus and Zeus suddenly became so chummy…

In all, COTT was a bright, shiny and pretty action flick that relied too much on CG with action that was often too fast to properly enjoy, and a script with a strange, oddly unfinished or iffy feel. I felt the same thing watching the theatrical cut of Kingdom of Heaven- because a lot of things were cut or redone at the last minute and left out on the cutting room floor or for a Director’s Cut treatment. Still, I don’t feel that watching this was a waste of time in any case… but I guess it’s true- the original was better and a more whole film. Moving on.


4 Responses to “10 Things About Clash of the Titans (AKA My Big Fat Greek CG Flick)”

  1. definitely so true !
    the film does rely too much on CG effects, too bad, AND the guy from Avatar is really boring, he doesn’t even look like a demi-god but more like an all american soldier. For the most part i felt like i was watching Xena or Hercules the tv show.
    For me the best part was Medusa, although the scene was too fast paced ( and the whole movie actually) but yeah still better than Alice in wonderland…

    • it may not be perfect for hardcore people like you erwan but its a good film for casual people (the majority)

  2. an amazing film

  3. i just expected more from this one, i might be too hard to please yeah but i thought for this kind of movie they could have done a lot more and not make it so predictible and forgettable. Still entertaining though…

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