Streetfighter: A Complete History

The latest SF book hits the comic shelves.

I picked up my weekly cache of comics recently, and one of the new acquisitions is a Streetfighter tome from Capcom and Chronicle Books. Street Fighter: The Complete History is a paperback volume written by IGN editor/writer Chris Carle which takes readers through the timeline and psychology of the iconic fighting game. If that sounds a bit high hat to you, don’t worry… that’s what it is. It’s not so much an accurate history as it is a pretty flowery essay or ode to the SF franchise. Now, I’m not saying the SF series doesn’t deserve the praise, but hey… tell me what I don’t already know. If you want more substance and factual bits, probably stuff online or Wikipedia or StreetFighterpedia may be better. As for the artworks, most if not all the stuff in here has already appeared in the multitude of UDON Streetfighter art books that have come out in the past few years- it would be better to get either SF20: The Art of Streetfighter or Streetfighter: The Eternal Challenge than this if you’re looking for cool artworks.

To be honest, if I knew about the content beforehand, I would not have bought this book… I actually mistook this for the Streetfighter Character Information book that was supposed to come out soon as well. Bah…

Anyway, this is probably more of a fancy coffee table book to add to an ecclectic collection more than anything else- perhaps serviceable bathroom reading for the SF completist who just has to have every book… like me. Heheh.


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