Check out the King of Fighters XIII Arcade Intro!

The End of the Ash Crimson?

Here’s the exciting, if extremely brief- intro attract cinematic from the upcoming arcade brawler King of Fighters XIII. While the previous KOF was a bare-bones kit, this seems to be very much plot-heavy, with the finale of the current Ash Crimson saga in its sights. So far the double-dealing androgynous anti-hero has had his way… but that may change. So what does the intro show? A lot of so far unknown characters who probably won’t actually appear in-game, although the end boss is probably one of those sinister robed dudes. The intro probably also shows off some characters who’ll be playable in the game’s final roster. This is expected out in Japanese arcades later this year, with a console release being a no-brainer. More as we get it.


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