Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Release Confirmed

Super is stylin’ a new TV ad.

Check out the vid above- it’s the spiffy new TV commercial for Capcom’s upcoming fighting sequel, showing off some cool graphics to highlight the new fighters and features in SSFIV. The game’s still set for its late April release, and in case you didn’t catch it on the internet, SSFIV has already been confirmed for release in arcades– at least, in Japan. SSFIV producer Yoshinori Ono himself announced this at the conclusion of the recently-held SFIV Finals in Japan. No exact details yet, though apparently Capcom is bandying around the idea of additional characters or such… don’t count on hearing anything on that before the console versions comes out though.

Not really something I’m overly excited about, since (1) who needs the freakin’ arcade if I already have the game on my 42″ of visual loveliness at home, plus (2) who knows when and if at all local arcades in Manila will get it. Not really impossible since Timezone already has the Vanilla SFIV (replaced Tekken 6 after the console version came out), but still… not a priority for a Lone Gamer.

Anyways, still about three weeks of waiting till Super arrives. More on this fighter as we get it.


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