Virtua Fighter 5: Streetfighter Edition!

See it to believe it.

Hey, ever wondered what Street Fighter would look like if Capcom actually ditched the stylized approach and made the characters look more realistic? Well, it would look like the video above! And you know what? Now I’m thinking that Capcom should hire some Sega guys for Streetfighter V. Well, for better or worse, the trailer above, which was actually released by Sega themselves and downloadable at the VF5 website, is apparently just a little April Fools’ joke, with VF giving a little laugh at themselves and the competition (notably SF and Tekken). It’s nice, but there is a bit of truth to every joke, eh? Man, how awesome would it be to have a more photo-realistic Ryu, Chun-li or Cammy in a future SF? On the flip side, giving the VF crew some chi-powers and fireballs actually doesn’t look all that bad either… heheh.

Haha, funny, Sega. Now, if you’ve got time for little jokes, how ’bout putting some time into VF5FS’s console version..? Eh?


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