Gone Gaming

It’s a lovely holiday break for me- that’s about five days of kicking back and relaxing in The Sanctum, with a bunch of hot games and a whole lot of junk food and soda. Gonna be having me some Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and Heavy Rain as the main courses, with some bits and bites from old faves in between like Tekken 6. Gonna be fun. How are you guys gonna spend your me-time?


7 Responses to “Gone Gaming”

  1. Any plans to get God of War 3? I’d like to read a review of that from you.

  2. Final Fantasy XIII is really lame, i played it through the 2nd DVD and for me it never felt so flat, ok it’s beautiful but other than that you never feel caught up in the story, the characters are very stereotyped, all you do is fight-cut scene-save over and over until the next boss.
    The whole game is so restrained, you can’t go where you want to go, you can’t talk to ppl, the battle system is limited (you control only one character and each character has only one summon).

    I’m playing Just Cause 2 and it’s a surprisingly better game, you can do absolutely what you want to do, the map is huge and the graphics are amazing ! oh well i had to say all those things, sorry if you don’t agree

  3. Actually, Erwan, I agree pretty much completely.

    FFXIII is beautiful, but in that it’s really more of a CG fantasy movie you watch rather than interact with too much. It’s shallow in that it’s just fight, move forward, fight, cutscene, fight, repeat. Sad but true. And worse of all, it doesn’t seem too enthralling yet. It’s supposed to get better later, but then it’s still just a story you watch and not be a part of.

    In this, Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings is a much better RPG, and it’s the game I’ve been playing more of these past couple of weeks. So far I’ve stopped playing FFXIII, but I guess I should get back to it and finish it somehow. Sigh… perhaps the magic that was FF has just… gone away.

    Mark my words… when Square finally coughs up the FFVII remake, that’s when we’ll see the real pleasure of FF return… maybe.

  4. just a quickie how long is dragon age origins hours wise

    • I gotta check. One playthrough is easily 20 hours at least or so, and it’s got great replay value since there are multiple characters with their own backgrounds and endings to tackle.

  5. it’s shallow indeed ! each cut scene is useless, they just talk nonsense about Fal’Cie stuff that is not even interesting, yeah they pretty much killed their game, it’s frustrating because it took them so long to release it and in the end it’s the worst Final Fantasy i have ever played.

    I don’t think they will ever make another FFVII game, these rumors lead nowhere, i’m very disappointed in Square, really.

    Heavy Rain on the other hand is AWESOME ! this game is the complete opposite of FFXIII, it’s dark and dramatic and you really get attached to the characters. When i finished it i was like “MORE PLEASE !”

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