Giant Bomb Super Streetfighter IV Gameplay!

More Super gameplay footage to chew on!

Wanting a bit more SSFIV gameplay footage? How ’bout an hour and a half of gameplay with a final build-version of the game? Eh? Gaming site Giant Bomb held a live gameplay session recently with Capcom’s upcoming beat ’em up, and have posted an archived version for all of us who missed the livestream.

The players aren’t pro-level, but more everyman casual like me… which shouldn’t be too painful for anyone but the most anal of SF gamers to watch. They answer some viewer questions pertaining to stuff like BGMs, show off new fighters and Bonus Stages, and generally just show off the game nicely. Plus the banter between the players (consisting of some longtime gaming personalities like Jeff Gerstmann and some former 1Up guys) is entertaining. Check out the movie-length gameplay vid here.


One Response to “Giant Bomb Super Streetfighter IV Gameplay!”

  1. eu gostaria mesmo de ver a gostosona da rainbow mika no ssf4!

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