SSFIV Anime Intros are just Anime Slideshows!

Stupid, STUPID GONZO… Makoto is a GIRL, dammit.

As cool as the stylish Super Streetfighter IV intro cinema is, disappointingly the individual character intro cutscenes, supposedly improved from the previous game, are not quite so cool. In fact, they’re pretty lame.

Remember months ago, when producer Yoshinori Ono said that the Capcom devs had learned their lesson with fans’ scathing remarks about the crappy anime prologues and endings in SFIV? Well, apparently that was a load of Bullcrap, at least for the character intro cutscenes.

Yeah, supposedly the new anime intros and endings were produced by the acclaimed GONZO Animation Studio, but what I saw are hardly an improvement. In SFIV at least, the character intros were fully animated (even if the quality wasn’t that great). In SSFIV however these intro cinemas are actually WORSE, consisting of still-frames of art (with only minimal animation, if at all), with the story being told via voice-over. Yep, my friends- instead of animated character intros, we get a slideshow. WHAT THE HELL?

What can I say? What else but… I am freakin’ disappointed. To add insult to injury, irritatingly my fave Makoto’s intro is horrible, with her appearing too much like a little boy in the art… was the artist even aware that Makoto’s a girl?
Remember those screenshots of Juri’s anime intro that looked so cool? Well, my friends, even her intro is mainly just still frames of art with a voiceover. LAME.

Anyway, if you feel like it, you can check out a bunch of SSFIV character intro ‘cinemas’ over at 1Up’s Gamevideos. Man, this sucks. Really now… how LAZY can these guys get? I can only hope that the endings are as cool as the prologues reek. What the hell, Capcom? What the hell, GONZO? What the hell!?

Super Streetfighter IV is out in late April for PS3 and Xbox360.


2 Responses to “SSFIV Anime Intros are just Anime Slideshows!”

  1. Fighting Game devs are poopy brains sometimes…

  2. Meh. Yeah, I know, intros and endings do not a great fighting game make, but this is still irritating given how Ono DID mention it in the interviews.

    On the bright side though, the Rival Battle cutscenes, which are done with in-game graphics, are quite cool, judging from the two so far revealed online (Juri’s and Hakan’s). ^_^

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