Super Streetfighter IV Intro!

Stylized animation to kick the fighting off.

Thanks to the apparent lifting of a supposed ‘media embargo’ yesterday on Super Streetfighter IV, we can expect tons of video, gameplay and other goodies to shower us from game sites who’ve had the freakin’ game for weeks and weeks already. One nice bit is this, the full cinematic intro from the final game. It’s slightly longer than the earlier cam vid I blogged about, and direct-feed as well. I love the fact that they gave Ibuki such a cute role in it, I found the prologue a bit short. I had hoped that they would somehow fit in all the fighters, many as they were, in a cinematic action montage tour de force. But nope, we get the first and last parts regurgitated from months ago. At least the music’s a lot better than Vanilla SFIV’s was… oh well. Anyway, just a few more weeks of waiting- Super is due out on PS3 and Xbox360 in late April.


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