Have a Zombie-Smashin’ Good Time!

Zombie Smash on the iPhone is here!

Zombie Smash by GameDoctors has arrived on the appstore! This is a ‘castle defense’ game, which basically has you defending your base from oncoming hordes of varied undead. But instead of setting up towers and defenses, your finger itself is your main weapon, basically having you flick the invaders to oblivion, zap them with lasers or roll over them with a heavy steel ball… or any of the many delightfully destructive weapons and effects you have at your disposal. I’ve been waiting for this title for months, since I really dig the art style and the cool ragdoll animations for the zombies.
Yeah, it’s seems like a mutant child of Plants vs Zombies and Pocket God, which should be darn awesome. Yeah, this isn’t the first Castle Defense game on iPhone (there’s Knights Onrush, for one), but ZS’s humor, arsenal of crazy weapons and cool options like Endless (one up over PvZ) and Sandbox modes make this a notch above the competition.

All that AND it’s only $1.99… a wonderful price for endless hours of zombie-smashing, sniping, flattening, incinerating, freezing and whatever-else. I’ll be sure to download this posthaste once I get back to The Sanctum. My iPhone is soon to be complete…


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