Super SFIV iPhone in the works?

Streetfighter IV on the iPhone just might get a Super Update, eventually…

Kotaku posted an article and interview with Capcom over their recently-released and now best-selling iPhone version of Streetfighter IV. The article goes on to mention an update to the game, though no exact details yet. But more tantalizing is the possibility of Super Streetfighter IV coming to the appstore. Here’s the bit from the post most relevant to this topic…

While the Street Fighter IV just hit the iPhone last week, and has already landed on the top ten charts for gaming, Capcom is already considering future plans for both the game and, potentially, other fighting titles for the iPhone.

He told me that Capcom already have plans for downloadable content for Street Fighter IV iPhone, but nothing is yet set in stone. He also said that if this game sells well enough it’s possible that the publisher could start looking at their popular Versus series of games for the next title they might bring to the iPhone.

And why, I asked, didn’t they bring Super Street Fighter IV to the iPhone instead of Street Fighter IV?
“We couldn’t release Super Street Fighter IV before the console version because (Super Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori) Ono is going to get annoyed,” he said. “At some point, though, it would be very interesting if we could release the console version and the iPhone version at the same time.”

Could that happen soon, I asked.
“If we work hard it could happen” Tezuka said. “It could happen.”

This bit actually both irritates and engages me- Capcom COULD have released SSFIV on the iPhone ALREADY, but didn’t as that would have stolen some thunder from the console releases. But hey, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Perhaps, if all goes well, sometime after SSFIV is released on consoles, the update to SFIV iPhone should be released which will add several characters and effectively turn it into SSFIV. My hope is that they double the roster, (at least add Juri, Ibuki, Cammy and Makoto- really, the game needs more babes) add in rival cinematics and ending cutscenes and that would do it. It can happen. No, it WILL happen.

Let’s cross our fingers, fight fans. The best fighting game on the iPhone could just get even better.


2 Responses to “Super SFIV iPhone in the works?”

  1. wow capcom really are squeezing the cash cow this time

  2. Ryo-vs-KIM Says:

    Wow what a douche bag! Street fighter controllers already sucks on the iphone so why bring super street fighter over? Seriously whoever thinks gaming on an iphone is cool are losers! Thats why they have consoles people! U cant using iphone as a gaming device because its a phone! Why is it called an iphone because its a PHONE PEOPLE!! those who disagrees feel free to comment with some facts and statements please and dont call me a fag either just becausw you guys want to!

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