Dragon Age Origins Awakenings: Nathaniel Howe

The last recruitable character in Awakenings comes from a surprising background.

Anyone who’s played through Dragon Age: Origins surely knows the name Rendon Howe. He was the hatchet man to Teyrn Loghain, the game’s main non-demonic antagonist and, for the players who used the Human Noble origin, the man who killed your parents. Now, the tables are turned as Rendon’s son, Nathaniel, whose life was trashed in the aftermath of his sire’s downfall and subsequent disgrace, has come to collect on his grudge from you. Ain’t revenge sweet indeed?

As this game is wont to do, you’ll probably have some leeway on how to deal with the young Howe- you can probably kill him quite handily, but surely he may also become a strong ally and find redemption for his disgraced house. Since two of my DAO characters are human nobles, this will be pretty interesting for me indeed. Will the son be cut from the same block as his treacherous father? Or will he become a true and valued friend and ally? We’ll just have to see…

Dragon Age Origins Awakening is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 in both disc or DLC. I hope to get my copy soon and continue my romps in Ferelden by the weekend.


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