Final Fantasy XIII: 10 Things Off the Top of My Head

Finally got to start playing the latest Square-Enix opus, Final Fantasy XIII, this weekend. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about this latest FF, not all of it good. I didn’t finish the last couple of installments in the series, but I decided to give this one a try. Well, how am I finding it so far?

10. It’s freakin’ GORGEOUS. No ifs and buts about it, the game looks amazing on my 42″ LCD, in full 1080p through HDMI. Well, at least the pre-rendered CG bits do. The real-time segments are still eye-pleasing, though bits like fingers aren’t as impressive as the characters’ faces.

9. The Voice Acting is Pretty Good. I mean, the performances, at least. Some of the dialogue though can get cheezy. “Your Hero is here”?! Yeesh.

8. Combat is interesting. Albeit in the early goings-on it’s your usual slap-matches, kinda like FFXII, but you don’t control or move anyone directly. Once I get in deeper and open more options, it should get a lot better. For now though… repetition is kinda getting to me.

7. Character designs are here and there. Once again, a mish-mash of odd-looking protagonists. Main heroine Lightning looks like a futuristic elf-warrior, while Snow walked out of some Japan pop drama. The oddest are probably Snow’s posse, with a barmaid who walks around with an assault rifle in one hand over her shoulder and a guy who hunches like Blanka from Streetfighter. It’s good that the graphics are so nice, you take these things as a matter of course.

6. What is up with Vanille? I’m sure this perky jailbait who can just traipse into monster-infested grounds or restricted magical army territory and kill things with a weird staff/wand/fishing line has an explanation somewhere, but I’m sure it won’t be enough.

5. I wanna hug Lightning until she pops and showers the room in magical neon sparkly-strings.

4. It’s all very linear, but I don’t mind. Story seems very interesting.

3. Comic-relief companion Sazh Katzroy and his afro-living Chocobo sidekick aren’t as irritating as I thought.

2. When is the hot chick in the blue sari showing up?

1. I really hope this doesn’t take too long to finish. Because I wanna finish it.

So far, so good, I guess. The combat’s getting deeper with Paradigms and tactics as I get deeper. Haven’t met the villains yet, just the flunkies. All in all, it’s a gorgeous adventure with a colorful cast of characters. Yeah, it’s FF, and it’s back.


4 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII: 10 Things Off the Top of My Head”

  1. So far I’m loving this game!!

  2. OK, so it’s 2011 now and you’ve probably already finished the game at this point. How do you feel about it in retrospect, Marc?

    P.S. For the record, Sazh is the best character in FFXIII. Scientifically speaking, of course.

    • FFXIII will go down for me as one of the prettiest FF’s, although I have to say I’ll probably not remember much of the story, the enemies and what the heck the quest was all about (kinda like FFVIII). The combat was okay, lots of nice CG. Being so linear with no towns or open world was pretty iffy for me.

      • Yep, yep, the whole no-towns deal really put a damper on that sense of exploration you get from the older JRPGs, and the story is almost as needlessly convoluted as latter-day Kingdom Hearts. But I’ll be darned if those graphics aren’t top of the line!

        I also love the music (I’m a huge Hamauzu fan), but many people are hung up on the fact that it’s not Uematsu, which is kind of sad if you ask me.

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