Here’s a Look at some SSFIV Alternate Outfits

Schoolgirl Ibuki, sporty Sakura, Farmer Makoto and… um… Akuma.

Here’s one of many pics going the rounds over at various Streetfighter forums, showing off the alternate costumes of the various fighters in Super Streetfighter IV. The pic is from the SSFIV Premium Themes for the Xbox360. What can I say? Ibuki’s schoolgirl uniform is the best of this batch, since you can’t go wrong with schoolgirl outfits, plus it’s so greatly different from her regular costume (now you can see her actual legs outside of the baggy ninja pants). Sakura’s alt is… well… meh… since it’s just too similar to her other alternate. Makoto’s farmer get-up is interesting, but I would have preferred she got something girly and cute rather than something so frumpy. I mean, does she really need to look even more butch than she already does? And apparently in this pic she either lost her breasts or taped them really, really tight.

Anyway, I’m really not putting too much stock into the alts- it’s a good thing I love the SF3 characters as they are already. Man, when will come the day that Capcom devs follow Namco and Sega’s style of costumes? Sigh. Anyway, still about a month and a half to go till SSFIV hits. More as I get it.


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