Super Slick Fighter: Hakan Revealed! (UPDATED)

Hakan: Easily the Oddest Streetfighter Yet.

IGN has broken the lid on the oily container that has until now hidden Hakan, the latest and strangest World Warrior yet. And considering how past SF rosters have included cyborgs, magic-users and man-beasts, that’s saying something. Just reading about this guy won’t do- you simply have to see this guy in action to believe him.

A Turkish Wrestler, the mustachioed, muscular and reddish-skinned Hakan uses both his brute strength and a layer of glistening, slippery-slick oil on his body to lay the smackdown on hapless opponents. While described as being in the Oil business in early reports, Hakan apparently isn’t part of the petroleum industry- he’s into COOKING Oil. A dedicated father and family man, he’s apparently on a quest to find new mixes or recipes as he battles the rest of the World Warriors. And yes, his fighting style is apparently inspired by a real life wrestling style where the wrestlers douse themselves with olive oil before a match.
Check out this totally unorthodox grappler’s debut trailer, where he proceeds to slide-and-slam the entire roster to oblivion, and a match with fellow SSFIV debutante, a surely mortified Juri Han. Find the original IGN article with screenshots and videos here. Or, check out the vids posted on Youtube below.

Hakan and his oily Ultras make their slippery debut.

Is even the Feng Shuei Engine a match for Oily Man-Flesh???

What can I say? Judging from the trailer and video, Hakan is certainly interesting to watch and pretty hilarious. His strength and size go a bit into keeping him from being entirely a joke character, but surely his odd attacks and utterly ridiculous Ultras are sure to be a spectacle. As a grappler he’ll surely be irritating to fight against, but unlike charaters like Zangief or Abel, at least you’ll get a laugh or a chuckle from getting clobbered by the Turk- at least for the first couple of matches. No, I am not thinking of maining this guy, unique fighting style or not. I’ll STICK to my SF3 babes and Juri, thank you very much.

Hopefully Hakan’s reveal will finally blow the lid off the ongoing famine of SSFIV videos. I think we’ll be seeing more of Hakan and the other new fighters in action in the coming weeks as we slide our way to Super Streetfighter IV’s release in late April.

“Time to oil up!”


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