SSFIV Videos from GDC 2010!

Cool fight to the finish!

After the initial shock and awe (or probably more shock than anything else) from the Hakan reveal trailer, SF fans and players are now wanting to see more gameplay from the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV. While Capcom’s official stream of their GDC event was about as watchable as actual live Turkish oil wrestling thanks to a crap, thankfully a bunch of individuals present were able to take videos of their own of the game.

Taekwondo vs Karate!

The first to nicely share quality SSFIV gameplay vids on Youtube is ShoryukenVideos. Thankfully the vids are in nice crisp HD and the players generally seem to know what they’re doing. Plus, the new characters such as Ibuki, Juri and Hakan are used quite frequently. So far there are at least 10 vids uploaded, with more to be posted soon supposedly, so just visit the channel again for more.

Super Streetfighter IV is out on PS3 and Xbox360 in late April.


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