Super Streetfighter IV: S-Kill Answers All!

Well, perhaps not ALL. I didn’t see any answers to the Meaning of Life or Why Do Good Men Die When Evil Men Linger. But Capcom’s “Mr. Streetfighter”, Seth Killian, does answer quite a few questions posed to him by fans over at Capcom Unity. Check out S-Kill’s lengthy ripostes to the SF masses here.

Anyway, right now there’s a translation of the latest Capcom Dev Blog Post featuring Dudley, thanks to ever-reliable translator Azrael. There should be video of SSFIV coming very soon by way of the Game Developers’ Conference over in San Francisco, which is opening today. Also, later this week we should be seeing the reveal of SSFIV’s final character, the much-talked about Hakan. Expect a trailer and Famitsu scans to sate the fans’ hunger for OILY man flesh. Eew. More as we get it then.


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