SSFIV Gameplay Vids from CES, Gametrailers!

Youtube users Feuerwehrbrot and Enigmaaar123 have the distinction of being the only ones to have Super Streetfighter IV videos from the recently-held CES 2010 gaming event in Germany. The shaky-cam vids aren’t examples of SSFIV skill, but anyone who is starved of seeing the latest build of SSFIV in motion (basically everyone), these should be a treat to see. Check out the two channels for quite a few videos.

Meanwhile, Gametrailers has just posted three SSFIV Walkthrough videos for each of the recently-revealed fighters from SF3, each one narrated and demoed by top SF player Justin Wong. Check these out in either HD or SD resolutions here.

What can I say? The GT Walkthrough vids are definitely must-sees for anyone interested in starting off on learning on how the SF3 fighters move and will kick ass in SSFIV- I think it’s safe to say they’re going to be mega-popular. SSFIV is still set for an end-of-April launch for both PS3 and Xbox360. Man, I can’t wait.


One Response to “SSFIV Gameplay Vids from CES, Gametrailers!”

  1. i bet justin wong has a life

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