The Disciples are Awakening…

The Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expansion is set to arrive in a week or so, along with a slew of other big titles. But this has a special spot for me since I can’t wait to transfer my Grey Warden Rogue into this new adventure. Maybe I’ll try to finish up the game with a couple other characters. Taking off from where the story ended in the original Dragon Age: Origins, Awakenings sees the Grey Wardens extending their attention to the new land of Amarinthine, combatting threats both internal and external. Along with recruiting new comrades and taking on various duties as the new Grey Warden Commander, players will have to contend with The Disciples- a new breed of smarter, more dangerous Darkspawn who have the ability to speak.

Bring it on, I say. The best thing about talking Darkspawn? Now I can understand their last words right before I kill ’em. Heheh. Awakenings drops March 16.


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