Tekken… on your Phone!

No joke! It’s Tekken 6 on your mobile phone, Java-style!

Well, apparently Streetfighter IV wasn’t the only big-name fighter headed to mobile phones. Namco-Bandai released recently a Java version of their flagship fighter, Tekken, for download and playing on various types of mobile phones. Like SFIV on the iPhone, Tekken Mobile doesn’t have the voluminous Tekken roster on offer, instead giving you a selection of 8 fighters- Jin, Kazuya, Nina, Xiaoyu, Paul, King, Yoshimitsu and Law. While in 2D, the general look of the characters and backgrounds are adapted from Tekken 6. I’m pretty sure though that the characters don’t have their entire arsenal from the console or arcade versions…

You can play single player Arcade or Story mode, or try your skills against a friend via Bluetooth in VS mode. Interestingly enough, the game supposedly offers a slew of unlockables like a Tekken Force mode and custom outfits you buy with gold coins earned in gameplay. REALLY? That I gotta see.

Anyway, the game’s only available as yet in the UK and selected territories on selected phone models like Blackberries. Given this though I wonder if an iPhone version of Tekken 6 is in the works? That certainly should be something to see and a good way for NB to engage Capcom in a mobile beat ’em up slugfest. You can check out the game and even sample some gamplay over at Namco’s online mobile arcade page.


4 Responses to “Tekken… on your Phone!”

  1. holy shit is it coming out on ipod touch or iphone

  2. That actually looks pretty cool.

  3. Why are they using Yoshimitsu’s Tekken 5 outfit…?

    *fan of his T6 outfit is upset*

  4. Looking at the videos, it doesn’t really look that good. Think Tekken Advance on the GBA. And I think ‘customzation’ is just alternate colors of the outfits, judging from how Paul’s wearing a purple gi in one of the trailer segments. Gameplay is only as deep as two buttons can allow (punch and kick), but I guess having a story mode is nice. I hope they do something a lot better IF they decide to port Tekken onto iPhone.

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