SSFIV Karate Lessons: All About Makoto

This week, the Capcom Dev Blog talks about the Girl with Sheer Karate Spirit.

The latest entry in Capcom’s official developer blog on Super Streetfighter IV takes on the second of the three recently-revealed fighters from Streetfighter 3, namely young karate master Makoto.
Though she is a young girl, Makoto is clearly a powerhouse that can become one of the most feared fighters in the game. Her offensive power and damaging moves are deadly once she closes the distance. Her properties include a very slow walking speed- a deliberate, stalking walk that is perhaps the slowest in the game, which is offset by the fastest forward dash. Makoto was a dazzling work of fluid (and subtle) animation back as a 2D sprite in Streetfighter III Third Strike, and it pleases me that the devs supposedly worked hard to accurately recreate her classic movements and look for SSFIV.

With her lack of a fireball, powerful offense and grapple capabilities, Makoto is a unique fighter in the lineup and should be a truly exciting and interesting contender. Finding a way around, under and over fireballs and projectiles may become a challenge, but when this brutal challenger gets into striking range she can really dish out the pain. Makoto was my favorite fighter to use in SF3, and her inclusion in SSFIV really makes it a must-play for me. Can’t wait to play my karateka tomboy again.

Check out the full english translation of Makoto’s dev blog entry here, care of Mueti from the SRK forums.


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