PS3 Crisis (Fixed!)

UPDATE: The problem has fixed itself, and it all seems like some bad dream. It still amazes me how this all happened with my PS3 disconnected from the world. It’s one thing that my console would suddenly get busted due to an error/bug already in it, but how the heck did a fix made thousands of miles away in Japan or on the internet find it’s way into my offline PS3? Is there some weird arcane connection that still links it to Sony..? Man, technology is scary. Anyway, the game continues…

HOLY UNPLAYABLE CONSOLE, BATMAN! Apparently the recent worldwide Playstation 3 bug has not spared us here in Manila. In case you didn’t know, a weird bug involving the PS3’s inner clock has caused an inability for the consoles to sync with Sony’s servers, causing games to be unplayable. This apparently affects only non-slim, older PS3 models, which sadly includes my own black monolith. I had read about this disturbing bit earlier thinking that I would be spared given that my PS3 has been unplugged and offline for weeks, but apparently there is some arcane connection which has now infected it. So now my PS3 is a brick- well, it can play videos and music, but no games- which means I can’t play Tekken 6, or my newly-bought copy of Heavy Rain. DAAAAMN!!!

Supposedly Sony is already working on a fix, and according to Kotaku we may have to wait for about 24 hours for a remedy of some sort. Gah. More as I get it, I guess. DAAAAAMN!!!


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