Hakan Confirmed!

Update: Hakan’s been confirmed, and it seems gamers won’t need to wait too long for more SSFIV info and media on the Turkish Oil Wrestler, who is described by Capcom’s Seth Killian as perhaps one of the most memorable additions to the roster. Check out a clip from an audio interview with Mr. Killian here.

Hakan is described as a huge, red (as in reddish-skinned) Wrestler whose special style of fighting involves him lathering on a type of oil on his body during the match. This oil supposedly figures into Hakan’s moves, and it has been speculated that he may have an ‘oil meter’ such as Shun Di’s drunkenness counter in Virtua Fighter. The slicker he is, the more potent his techniques. His moves supposedly include sliding across the floor (anti-fireball tactic) and an Ultra where he squeezes his opponent so hard, they slip out of his grasp (due to the oil) and shoot up into the ceiling. Some have mentioned that he may be immune to some throws or throw-like attacks when fully-oiled up.

Interesting stuff! I have to say I’m not particularly attracted to this guy’s fighting style, but it should be a hoot to see. Media on Hakan and SSFIV is expected ‘very soon’, so we’ll just have to sit tight for now.


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