Hadoken.Net Exclusive SSFIV Interview

Dedicated Streetfighter site Hadoken.Net just posted an exclusive interview they conducted recently with Capcom’s Seth Killian on the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV. The good news? The interview is pretty long with a lot of good info… particularly the simple fact that the game is DONE. Yep, development has finished, so there’s really no point in any more ‘I wish Yun/Alex/Geki/Eagle/Jun Kazama were in it’ thoughts… heheh. Anyway, it’s been pretty slow recently in SSFIV stuff ever since the lovely reveal of the 3rd Strike fighters, so this should be a nice bit for anyone waiting for this latest SF. Check out the whole interview here.


2 Responses to “Hadoken.Net Exclusive SSFIV Interview”

  1. I’m so stoked for SSFIV.. from the rebalancing of fighters to the online updates, it’s going to be kick ass!

    I hated how SF4 online was just 1v1, how are you supposed to stay occupied only fighting the same person over and over?

  2. Nice post,I count on some more post from you.

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