Space Miner: Space Ore Bust!

iPhone gamer that I am, I’ve been raving about Plants vs Zombies so much on the apple device- which is only natural- but really… it’s a port, and there are so many games that were made specifically for the appstore that are just as addictive, fun and engrossing as any hand-me-down from consoles or big screen computers.

One such gem in the appstore is Space Miner: Space Ore Bust. Basically it’s Asteroids with RPG elements, which actually works out pretty nicely. You play as a young, fresh-out-of-Space-Academy pilot who finds himself (or herself) out of work in the asteroid-littered galaxy. But you’re not unemployed for long as you soon shack in with your old Uncle Gritstone and take over the business of mining precious ore from asteroids. Gameplay is simple enough- blast the floating space rocks and you’ll sometimes find ore which you must then collect. Get enough profit and you’ll be able to upgrade your flying hunk-of-junk jalopy for something faster, more durable and well-armed. And you’ll need a better ship as you take on an army of robot drones belonging to a ruthless Space CEO, race to rescue marooned space tourists and put together clues to find the secrets of a lost alien race.

WOW! If that sounds cool, it really is. Space Miner is an excellent casual game that never really becomes too hard or frustrating (except maybe at Hardcore Level), and the wonderful graphics, animations and sound (the old country-style banjo music is priceless) make for a game that you can just play in a jiffy anytime, anywhere. It CAN get pretty addictive though as you’ll often find youself playing just a little bit more than you initially intended in order to earn enough for that cool upgraded cannon or shield. The story is well-written and funny and the overall look and feel of the game is polished beyond most throwaway titles on the appstore.

This space-shooter/RPG is one of my fave titles on the iPhone so far, and I highly recommend this for killing time (and asteroids) in a jiffy. There’s a reason why this title has gotten rave reviews from pretty much every iPhone Gaming site online- it’s pretty awesome. Go get it! Now!


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