Musing about Future Fighters: Tekken NEXT

We know it’s coming… but when?

Just last week, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was announced at the AOU. This fighting hoopla has got me thinking… are we going to see the next crop of Namco-Bandai’s beat ’em ups revealed anytime soon?

Soulcalibur IV came out a long time ago; it’s high time we heard of a slashing sequel. A few fighters’ endings in SCIV seemed to hint at a finality, but really- there’s a reason why this series has a tagline ‘Eternally Told’.

I’d love to see a whole totally new crop of characters- perhaps a couple grown-up kids of the previous batch. Xianghua and Kilik’s twin son and daughter, perhaps who fight as one (a dual-body character would be a first in the series)? Perhaps Sophitia’s daughter would be entering the fight, in her mom’s sandals? Ivy’s daughter or son, a white-haired emo pretty boy?

Truth be though, we’ll probably see old faves return more likely. There’s always a chance that a shard or two of Soul Edge is still out there, waiting to corrupt a heart or two.
Graphics-wise, SCIV was a spectacular game, so all I can say is I hope they still try to push the looks forward to fix the flaws and little chinks in the graphical armor of this title. Perhaps more solid and even more detailed character models? Also, please… no more guest characters. Please.

Then there’s Tekken NEXT. Series’ producer Katsuhiro Harada has hinted that the next Iron Fist game might not necessarily be called Tekken 7. Perhaps this heralds Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Imagine it- Tekken 6 graphics, MIA and retired fighters resurrected or drafted for another go, with Tag attacks, Tag throws, Double-Bound! combos and more. How about a Tag-team boss fight against Azazel and Nancy together? OUCH.

Perhaps not. As fun a mash-up would be, I’d actually prefer a proper sequel rather than a fan service non-canon free-for-all.

As with T6, I don’t expect a big time-leap, but perhaps a year or two may pass, allowing for stuff to settle down a bit after the world-shaking shenanigans of the Zaibatsu-GCorp Conflict. Hopefully questions will be anwswered such as Is Jin alive? Who will be in control of the Zaibatsu? Will Lars still be neck-deep in the central storyline? It gets me thinking though that some characters need to have a totally new goal to be relevant this time around. Zafina, for example, seemed totally centered around Azazel and the Jin-Kazuya conflict. However, all it takes is for her to see another vision or dream to give her another excuse to keep fighting and crawling around, so that shouldn’t be a problem… same goes for everyone else.

In general, Tekken 6’s endings all seemed to be stopgap resolutions- partly why I do believe a sequel is not far away. Hopefully Tekken 7 will do a lot things better where T6 kinda stumbled or stubbed its toe.

Graphics-wise; I don’t expect a big leap, but if they at least update HD settings so that T7 takes advantage fully of HD screens and displays at 1080p, even just teeny-tiny tweaks to the already-awesome character models will suffice. One thing we may see are more expressive facial expressions, which I recall Harada citing in one article last year. SFIV-class facial contortions in reaction to some attacks? Hilarious.

Gameplay-wise, I think Bound! and Juggles will remain, although I hope they fix some elements, or add something that just shakes up the game once again. Perhaps it will be more to do with the stages next time? Maybe they’ll be more interactive?

Customizations will surely be back and even more detailed- truthfully, I wish Tekken would just adopt SCIV’s manner of customization and allow players full control of the fighters’ look, head to toe. Yeah, it will open up that can of worms full of underwear-clad Asukas and Jins, but hey… if players want it, why not? Images of Bob in his briefs make me shudder though… yeesh.

Tekken is, ultimately, something that the devs won’t try to change too much or too radically. There are things expected of it which will ensure that any steps that the series takes will be baby steps at best. What we love of Tekken will remain, at least, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s really impossible to tell what’s next but as usual, we can always dream. Hopefully though we don’t need to dream too long till we get our next fighting fixes.


3 Responses to “Musing about Future Fighters: Tekken NEXT”

  1. two things id like to see in the next tekken are: 1. like you said, more customization ala SC or even Smackdown… 2. a better version of the scenario campaign

    as for the main game itself, “tekken tag 2” would be cool, but im hoping they do a crossover with capcom (not sure how that would work out though)

  2. honestly the idea of TTT2 would be awesome until i realized that after looking at tekken 6 and comparing the roster to TTT, all of the characters are already in tekken 6 in some shape or form. like asuka is an upgraded form of jun kazama and jack 6 is basically the same as all the previous ones before him. if this was to be a direct sequel to tekken 6 then they would have to find some way to fit kunimitsu and alex and resurrect Dr. Boskonovich (even though he only appeared in T3). all the rest were just bosses from previous titles and i doubt that Gon counts so my conclusion is instead of making a seperate non canonical TTT2, they should just make tag team as another mode on the canonical sequel and hopefully a mode for online.

  3. Jack Maker Says:

    I just wish Tekken would have SCIV customization and character creation. However that Tekken vs Soul Calibur would be better that Tekken 7.

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