SSFIV Dev Blog shows Ninja Girl Love

Ibuki unmasked.

This week, the first of the recently-revealed SF3 fighters to be discussed in Capcom’s official developer blog for Super Streetfighter IV is none other than the super-cute superninja, Ibuki! Arguably the most popular female in the SF3 roster, Ibuki was a shoe-in for inclusion in SSFIV, since the game is apparently a reunion of sorts for various characters in the franchise’s 20 year history.

According to the devs, Ibuki’s good points are based a lot on her appearance- her combination of old-style conventional ninja costume with her youthful good looks and playful cheerfulness. She’s described as a character for both intermediate and beginning players, whose strength is in her speed and ability to get in close and deal damage with her many combos and moves. The devs knew that her fans have been asking for Ibuki for a long time, so they really worked hard to bring her into SSFIV as perfectly as can be, from her fighting style to her costume, hair, facial expressions (even though she’s wearing a mask most of the time) and even the cool after-image effect she has when she does a quick dash.

Check out the very detailed translation of the devs’ remarks on the ninja hottie here.

Ibuki truly is a treat for me in SSFIV… darn, I’ve been waiting to see this ninja in 3D since Third-freakin’ Strike. DAMN! I guess everything does come to he who waits as indeed, I believe the devs freakin’ knocked it out of the park. Super Streetfighter IV is out in late April on PS3 and Xbox360.


One Response to “SSFIV Dev Blog shows Ninja Girl Love”

  1. She is VERY well endowed.

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