Attack of the Prudes! Apple cracks down on Sexy Apps

Sometime last week, Apple enacted new directives regarding apps submitted or existing on the appstore, effectively banning anything that has sex appeal. Apparently this includes everything from swimsuits, bikinis (or bikini/swimsuit-like apparel) and apparently any amount of skin more than just bare hands. Really, this is freakin’ ridiculous. Aside from the tons of ‘wobbly boob’ apps on the store, the Inquisition has also killed several harmless apps such as the dual-stick shooter, Daisy Mae: Alien Buffet.

What the hell? Apple… WHAT THE HELL? Yeah, your gadgets are sexy and all… but not THAT sexy.

I guess if you want hotness on your iDevice, you gotta load it on yourself. Really. Americans and their views towards sex will eternally confound me. Moving on…


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