Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Unveiled at AOU!

SCREW VF5R!!! I want THIS on my console NOW!!!

Some HOT fighting game news from Andriasang at the ongoing AOU 2010 show. Apparently Sega has just revealed a new entry in the Virtua Fighter series. No, it’s not VF6- this is still apparently within the VF5 chapter. The new upgrade is ominously titled Virtua Fighter 5: The Final Showdown.

Little can be gleaned though from this new game’s trailer. While there are so far no new faces aside from the VF5R debutantes (Jean Kujo and Taka-arashi). However, what is confirmed is the addition of new moves and animations for the fighters, as well as new costumes (including, in case you missed it from the vid, BIKINIS…Oh MY!). Also, VF5R players can transfer their stuff- from battle records to Fight Money, customizations and costumes- over to the new game as well. No word yet on exact new features of this new chapter in Sega’s flagship fighter.

So… what does this mean for us poor gaijin hoping for a VF5R on console? Man, all I can say is, I don’t want VF5R anymore. I. Want. THIS..

God damn. Sega, PLEASE bring this to consoles. PLEASE. PLEASE. More on this as I get it.


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