Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings Update

Some Spoilers Ahead!

1Up has just posted a cool article regarding the upcoming expansion for Bioware’s epic dark-fantasy RPG, Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings. As mentioned in previous reports, this extended journey into the world of Ferelden and the new continent of Amaranthine will let players either take control of their existing Grey Warden hero from the first game or start with a totally new protagonist, a Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais. Also mentioned before was that one of your old party members from the first game will be available to join your party for this second outing.

Well, in the videos shown in the preview we can see at least two familiar faces. There’s of course Alistair, your hero’s fellow Grey Warden and ultimately (at least in canon, apparently) the new King of Ferelden. Now, as much as I’d enjoy having Alistair’s wry company again, I seriously doubt that his majesty will be allowed to sally forth for a prolonged period of time (although if he can, I’d love it), so most probably the returning party member is someone else. Also appearing in a vid is the leathery dwarf warrior Ohgren, so he’s probably the one you’ll be taking on again.

The new members that you’ll be able to recruit in Awakenings include Anders, a somewhat sneaky mage who is constantly trying to evade the Circle; Velanna, a Dalish Elf mage with a hatred towards humans and Sigrun, a female dwarf rogue and member of the Legion of the Dead. Each one is supposed to be your tour guide to an extended look at more elements of the Dragon Age world. You can check out the whole 1Up preview article, with vids, here.

Still there’s very little solid info on this expansion, other than that you’re off to strange lands to both strengthen the Grey Wardens’ forces and investigate the rumors of intelligent, talking Darkspawn. I can’t wait to get my high level Rogue hero from Origins into this new adventure. Awakenings gets up and about in mid-March.


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