SSFIV New Trailer and Video with SF3 Fighters!

Gamespot seems to have scored a scoop with the first trailer and videos featuring the three latest fighters to be revealed in Super Streetfighter IV. The new trailer shows off nimble ninja Ibuki, rich boy boxer Dudley and karate master Makoto taking it to the veteran SFIV crew. Capcom’s Seth Killian gave off an interview with Gamespot over the new fighters, which you can read here.

Here’s the new Character Reveal trailer from Gamespot, posted on Youtube.

Make sure to watch till the very end to hear a bit of teasing from the last fighter to be revealed…

Here’s a cool gameplay clip featuring Ibuki and Makoto. Seeing these two finally tussle again since their last appearances in Third Strike brings a tear to my eye. ..

Ninja babe vs Karate babe!

What can I say? I am, at this moment, beaming with pleasure. One of the biggest complaints I had with SFIV.0 was that none of the fighters particularly pleased me, but now that has all been fixed with the tons of new challengers added in SSFIV, particularly my SF3 ladies. Wonderfully, Makoto and Ibuki made the jump to 3D perfectly, I must say- Ibuki’s hair animations are great, and Makoto’s spunkiness translates well. Their movements and animations as well bring back wonderful memories of ass-kicking. The only wrinkles I guess are the english voices- which I find, while well-casted, are delivered kinda weak. In any case I’ll probably use the Japanese voices anyway for them so no biggie.

I can’t wait for more videos to pop up soon- it’s still a couple of months to release, so expect a lot more hyping of the new fighters and one last reveal (he’s still oiling up) to go.


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