Super Streetfighter IV: SF3 Characters CONFIRMED!

The ‘mystery’ kunai thrower, revealed!

Perhaps the worst-kept secret in fighting games has finally been confirmed as fact. Three of the supposedly last four remaining unknown fighters in Super Streetfighter IV have been revealed by this week’s Famitsu of Japan. As expected, they’re returning fighters from the much-beloved last 2D entry in the SF series, Streetfighter III Third Strike.
The mystery thrower of all those teaser kunais (heh) is, of course, the spritely and agile ninja girl, Ibuki, who comes complete with her pet tanuki (raccoon) and most, if not all, of her classic moves.

Gentleman pugilist Dudley and spirited karate master Makoto are back!

Also revealed in the issue is Dudley, the high-class boxer known for his fancy suits and penchant for throwing roses (which I hope doesn’t become one of his Ultras). Now, the eternal question can finally be answered- who would win in a match; Dudley or Manny Pacquiao- er, Balrog?

Last but not least, Ibuki’s 3rd Strike rival (and co-star in the upcoming Streetfighter Legends comic from Udon) Makoto makes the cut. In case someone reading hasn’t been playing SF for the past twelve or so years, Mak’s a GIRL, thank you very much- think Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2, only a LOT more buff.

Karate vs Ninjitsu. I can’t wait for Sakura to meet these girls…

At this point, storylines for these fighters is unknown, though plainly Makoto is still trying to build her dojo’s reputation after the death of her father, while Ibuki is surely a ninja-in-training on some sort of mission for her clan. The last time Dudley went into the SF tournament, it was to recover his CAR (yep). Well, do you really need much of a reason to butt heads? We’ll find out, I guess, in SSFIV’s story mode. Anyway, for the original scans of the Famitsu pages, click here and here.

Some additional info, from Famitsu and IGN. Dudley’s two Ultras are Rolling Thunder and Corkscrew Cross. Ibuki has Yoroi Doushi and Hashin Shou (what?! No Kasumi Suzaku?) while Makoto has her Seichudan Godanzuki and Abare Tosanami.

T-Hawk, you’re standing in Balrog’s spot.

This is all glorious news and I have to say Mr. Ono has redeemed himself in my eyes… heheh. Anyway, I hope that this is just the beginning. More pics and screens and hopefully VIDEO and a new trailer should be along very soon. Nay-sayers need not apply, I am freakin’ stoked. All I need now is this game. Super Streetfighter IV is set for a late April release on both PS3 and Xbox360.

Man, I think I’m gonna go dust off that PS2 Third Strike disc and have me some fun for now. Whoopie!


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  1. I know youre happy that Ibuki is in SSF4 lol šŸ˜€

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