Want Virtua Fighter 5R on Console? SPEAK UP!

Want the VF babes on your console?

Virtua Fighter 5 was hot years ago, but since then it’s gotten quite stale on the console front. Sega however has continued to upgrade the arcade version with an upgrade called Virtua Fighter 5R, which contains two new fighters, new moves and animations for the returning combatants, new stages, new customizations and tons more stuff- it can easily be considered as Bloodline Rebellion was to the original Tekken 6.0. Well, up to now VF5R is only available in arcades in Japan. Fans of the VF franchise as well as any fighting gamer worth their salt have been praying, begging and screaming for VF5R to receive a console port, but so far to no avail.

Well, hopefully that can change. Apparently a petition was begun over at VirtuaFighter.com which is seeking to collect 500 pages of players asking for VF5R on console from Sega. If you’re a fan of fighting games, you MUST support this petition to somehow to help one of the finest fighting games ever made reach gamers outside of Japan. Just go to VFDC’s petition topic, register and post your name and address (even just general address or country) and state your desire for VF5R to Sega. Do NOT double post or create multiple posts. All we need is one sincere vote per gamer. Together, we may get our VF5R. Maybe. We have to try!

Join the petition here. GO, VF5R!


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