Tekken Movie Pics!

Heihachi (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa) and Kazuya (Ian Anthony Dale) have a quiet father-and-son moment.

Warner Brothers of Japan has posted a new gallery of stills from the Tekken live-action movie. Nicely enough, I am getting a positive vibe from looking at the photos. Yeah, Kazuya has a ‘stache and beard and is wielding axes for some reason, but hey… Heihachi has his Bad Hair! And Nina’s in purple! Raven and Eddy look dead-on! Anyway, I’m not expecting anything but a fun flick with lots of action so my bar isn’t set very high. If it’s as good at least as the first MK movie or DOA, I’ll be happy. Or at least, not pissed.

Nina (Candice Hildebrand) and Anna (Marian Zapico) looking suitably hot. Do you feel a draft somewhere..?

Check out the whole gallery at the Japanese movie site here. Tekken is out in Japanese theaters in March, and should hit other territories soon afterwards.


One Response to “Tekken Movie Pics!”

  1. so shit, heihachi looks nothing like he does in the game

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