OMG! Streetfighter IV on iPhone?!


No, it’s no joke. At least, I don’t think so. Last time I checked it’s not April 1 or anywhere near that. According to IGN, Capcom has been busy for quite some time perfecting a version of their flagship brawler, Streetfighter IV, for the freakin’ iPhone. No, this is no puzzle version or Tower Defense game either- it’s a full-on fighting game complete with Ultra combos and the like. The game’s visuals are not too far from the big-screen originals, taking assets from the actual original game to make a reasonably close translation to the mobile. Priority was apparently given to the controls, which will employ a virtual pad and buttons for all your bone-crunching combos.

As of yet, the only confirmed characters are Ryu and Ken, but Capcom has said that there will be a large roster available, with both classic and new characters joining the fray. Players will be able to duke it out with friends on Bluetooth, so it will be prudent to practice your moves in the game’s Dojo mode.

So when are the Capcom brawlers arriving on the appstore? Apparently Next Month. WHOA!

The iPhone port of Streetfighter IV isn’t the first foray into the appstore by Capcom- one of the more active developers on the platform, Capcom has released various titles such as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Degeneration and recently a port of Phoenix Wright.

Well, what can I say? Being an iPhone owner myself, this is spectacular. A decent fighting game is possible indeed on the device, as I’ve seen on Soulcalibur-clone Blades of Fury from Gameloft. If Capcom really worked hard to make the controls good, this could be something. I’m not the biggest fan of the console game per se, but this will rock as a portable. Check out the full story, complete with screenshots, here. Man, this is awesome. If Capcom throws in SSFIV fighters like Juri into the iPhone, I’m gonna freakin’ scream. This is damn awesome. More as we get it!

Okay, the gauntlet has been thrown. Namco, where’s my Tekken 6 iPhone???


4 Responses to “OMG! Streetfighter IV on iPhone?!”

  1. andrew tekfan Says:

    i am a little off topic but since you are the tek master, do you know when tekken the motion picture, the anime movie was released in japn, month and date please

  2. Well, the Tekken anime came out in 1998, not sure what month.

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